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 Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts

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Balance shaft

Balance shaft Used in all reciprocating machines:COMPATIBLE MACHINESLOTUS ASYA GALAXYFIRTINA TUSMAKPARSCompatible with models...

50.00TL Ex Tax: 50.00TL

Macaron Nozzle

Macaron Nozzle..

85.00TL Ex Tax: 85.00TL

Piston Cap

Piston Cap It is the intermediate basic piece that connects the press blade with the piston and serves to adjust the pressure and torsion.   Used in all reciprocating machines:   ..

95.00TL Ex Tax: 95.00TL

Press bed

Press bed..

550.00TL Ex Tax: 550.00TL

Press blade bridge

Used in all reciprocating machines:   COMPATIBLE MACHINESLOTUS ASYA GALAXYFIRTINA TUSMAKPARSCompatible with models...

80.00TL Ex Tax: 80.00TL

Press jaw

Press jaw..

200.00TL Ex Tax: 200.00TL

Press set complete

Press set complete..

1,350.00TL Ex Tax: 1,350.00TL

Slide set complete

Kestamit Sliding set is completely compatible with all sliding machine models. The set consists of 6 pieces as a set...

300.00TL Ex Tax: 300.00TL

Spoon shaft


55.00TL Ex Tax: 55.00TL

Tobacco press blade

Tobacco press blade..

160.00TL Ex Tax: 160.00TL
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