Spare part

Tobacco tray

Tobacco tray..

150.00TL Ex Tax: 150.00TL

Z Iron

Z Iron..

50.00TL Ex Tax: 50.00TL

Bottom plate

Bottom plate..

340.00TL Ex Tax: 340.00TL

Cigarette collecting chamber

Cigarette collecting chamber..

115.00TL Ex Tax: 115.00TL

Control case

Control case..

360.00TL Ex Tax: 360.00TL

Electronic control unit

The PLC control unit, which provides the control of all Professional Tobacco wrapping machines, has been specially designed and produced by Motif Makina. It can be used in all 4-piston machines. ..

1,200.00TL Ex Tax: 1,200.00TL

Hair case suit

Hair case suit..

1,500.00TL Ex Tax: 1,500.00TL

Hair cPress, piston bearing platease suit

Press, piston bearing plate..

230.00TL Ex Tax: 230.00TL

Hopper of tobacco

Hopper of tobacco..

180.00TL Ex Tax: 180.00TL

Left cover

Left cover..

250.00TL Ex Tax: 250.00TL

Lock, Hinge and Foot set

Lock, Hinge and Foot set..

190.00TL Ex Tax: 190.00TL


LOTUS TURBO cigarette wrapping machine normally has a capacity of 12 cartons per hour and 14 cartons per hour in turbo mode. LOTUS TURBO Cigarette wrapping machine. Motif Machine Industrial elect..

11,000.00TL Ex Tax: 11,000.00TL
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